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How You Can Help

Get Involved

Your support makes a difference! Here’s how you can help:

  • Donate: Every contribution, big or small, helps us provide valuable resources.
  • Volunteer: Share your time and talents to benefit our students and school.
  • Stay Connected: Join our alumni network to stay informed and involved.
  • Attend Events: Participate in our fundraisers and community events.


Thanks to the dedicated efforts of Coach Thom Sibbitt, baseball has made a comeback at Benson High School.After several years without a team, Coach Sibbitt took the initiative to revive the sport, providing students with the opportunity to engage in America's pastime.

Benson is currently the only school in the Omaha Public Schools district without its own baseball field. Transportation challenges made it difficult to sustain the sport, as getting teams to practice and game locations after school was often impossible. Despite these obstacles, two years ago, Coach Sibbitt assembled a team of novices who had never held a bat or ball before. He managed to form two groups: a beginner team and a more advanced team that quickly developed their skills.

The teams played summer legion ball and recently completed another successful season, continuing to learn and grow in the game of baseball. They practice at local Little League fields and rent a field from North High School for their games.

Looking ahead, with your help, there is hope that Benson will soon have its own baseball field across the street in Gallagher Park, further strengthening the program and making baseball more accessible for all students.

Memorial Garden

Leave a lasting legacy and honor a Benson High School graduate by purchasing a commemorative brick for our Memorial Garden. Your personalized brick will be a permanent tribute, celebrating the achievements and memories of Benson alumni while supporting the ongoing enhancement of our school grounds. Join us in creating a beautiful, meaningful space that reflects the pride and spirit of our Benson community.

Scholarships for Teachers

The Foundation plays a crucial role in advancing the education and careers of Benson High School staff. Recently, the Foundation awarded a full scholarship to Jayden Swensen, a Benson security guard, coach, and alum, enabling him to attend UNO to complete his degree and obtain a teaching certificate.

Benson Baseball Coach Thom Sibbitt praised this achievement, calling it the best story of 2024. He is confident that Jayden will become an outstanding teacher and a tremendous asset to Benson. Many others have shared how much Jayden positively impacted them during their time at Benson, highlighting his popularity and dedication as a coach and guard.

Supporting scholarships like these not only helps individuals achieve their educational goals but also strengthens the Benson community by fostering a culture of growth, mentorship, and success. Your contributions can make more inspiring stories like Jayden’s possible.

Honor a Friend

Celebrate the special people in your life by making a donation in their honor. Whether it's a friend, family member, teacher, or mentor, your contribution will support the Benson High School Foundation's mission to enrich the educational experience of our students. Your generosity will leave a lasting impact and create meaningful memories within our community.

Training Table

This year the Benson Foundation provided funding for team meals for the football team. Nickie Quartoroli volunteered her catering skills to prepare the food. Football mom, Heather Samson, shopped for the groceries and delivered them to Chef Quartoroli and occasionally prepared the meals herself when needed to fill in.

Teacher Grants

Teacher grants fund special projects and opportunities for students that are not included in the school budget. These grants can support activities such as field trips, competitions, and more.

General Fund

By contributing to the general fund, you help our students have access to a well-rounded education and the necessary tools to succeed both academically and personally.

Athletic Fund

Aside from baseball, other sports need our help as well. The Foundation has significantly contributed to the football program. We secured shoes for the entire team through a generous donation from Scheels and funded weekly team meals with help from Heather Samson and Nickie Quartroli, owner of Catering 2 You. Despite having no ties to Benson High School, Nickie wanted our team to experience the camaraderie of team dinners just like other teams. The Foundation covered the food costs, and the team truly loved the meals. Your support allows us to continue providing these essential resources and experiences for our athletes. Join us in fostering a strong, united athletic community at Benson!

Support the Arts

Visual Arts
Under the guidance of our five exceptional art teachers, Benson students excel in pottery and painting, consistently winning national competitions for their ceramics and paintings. Your support helps us continue this tradition of excellence.

Thanks to the dedicated leadership of Ms. Jozalyn Harrison, our theatre program is thriving. This past year, the Foundation funded two professional artists, Denise Chapman and Cathy Tyree, to assist Ms. Harrison with the Honors Drama program. They led workshops, provided directing feedback to student directors, and helped produce shows, including a series of short 10-minute scenes performed at the Honors Drama One Act night. Ms. Harrison expressed deep gratitude for their invaluable contributions during the first semester.

Show Choir: The Foundation has provided professional guidance and funding for costuming, enhancing the quality and performance of our show choir.
Band: Support from the Foundation ensures our band program continues to grow and perform at a high level.
Swing Choir & Concert Choir: Your contributions help us provide the resources needed for our swing choir and concert choir to shine.

Other Student Activities

Looking for other student activities to support? Benson offers a full aray of extra curricular activities such as fashion, film, comic book club, lego clubm bowling, Unity Stars, dance DECA, chrochet club, poetry, trading card club, Thrive Club, culivary, and Graphix.

And this is just a glimpse! With numerous sports teams and additional clubs, there's something for everyone. Your support helps us continue to provide these enriching opportunities for our students. Join us in fostering a vibrant and diverse community at Benson!